Office of Student Life

Guest Account Request Process

Guest Account Creation Process to be Completed by University Employees

  • Navigate to and log in using your Ohio State credentials
  • Using the menu on the left of the home page, select “Add New Guest
  • Read over the Ohio State Guest policy
  • After reading the policy, click “Continue” on the bottom-right corner of the page
  • Complete the Requested Guest Information All fields are required
    1. Relationship Role: Contractor/Vendor/Other
    2. Detailed Role: Select the appropriate from the below options
      • Facilities Design and Construction (Badge FDC Only)
      • University Contractor - Facilities Operations and Development (FOD)
      • University Contractor - BuckID Not FOD (used for all vendors not affiliated with FOD or an FDC project)
    3. First Name
    4. Last Name
    5. Email Address (Non-Ohio State)
    6. Start Date: Earliest date you would like the contractor to be authorized to receive a BuckID
    7. Expiration Date: Must be within 365 days – You will receive a notification when this is set to expire asking if the account should remain active
      1. Note: This will NOT automatically extend any assigned access – It only serves to keep their record active. Access must continue to be coordinated with the delegated administrative area that manages access control for your unit
    8. Primary Sponsor: Your Name.#
    9. Alternate Sponsor: Another member of your unit/department/division that should also have access to manage this request
    10. Guest Administrator: Select the correct administrator for your unit/department/division
  • Click the “Next” button on the bottom-right corner of the page
  • Complete Request a Sponsored Guest Identity – Page 2
    1. Supplier Company Name: Name of the company the contractor/vendor is working for
    2. Campus: The Ohio State campus where the contractor/vendor will be working
    3. Title: Contractor’s title
      1. I.e., Superintendent, Electrician, General Laborer, Delivery Driver
    4. Business Reason: The reason the contractor needs a badge
      1. I.e., Project name/project number for project related requests and description of why the contractor/vendor requires a badge for all others
    5. Click the “Next” button
    6. Review the information you entered on the Review Your Guest Request page
    7. Click the “Create Request” button
    8. After completion, the request will flow to your supervisor for approval
    9. Upon approval, the contractor will receive notification at their provided email address for all remaining required personal information
  • Once the contractor provides the required information and all required approvals are completed, you will receive an email notification that the account has been created
    1. Once you receive the account creation message, you can then notify the contractor / vendor that they can schedule with BuckID to receive their guest / contractor BuckID