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Merchant FAQ


Yes, custom hardware and software is required to interface with the BuckID system. In addition to the initial unit and installation, the upfront reader fee includes free loaner replacements for as long as you are a BuckID merchant. In the event of errors or malfunctions, BuckID will also coordinate the repair of your terminal at no additional cost to you.

The reader requires a hardwired ethernet connection with access to the internet to function. The device can be placed on a segmented portion of your network if desired. BuckID Technical Analysts are available to coordinate networking details with your IT personnel.

BuckID will generate your payment based on transactions received during the agreed-upon reimbursement period and remit payment automatically.

The standard commission is 4%, and merchants are reimbursed monthly. More frequent reimbursement options are available for a slightly higher commission rate.

There are several steps in the process of becoming a BuckID merchant that must be completed before you can begin accepting BuckID. It is reasonable to expect to begin accepting BuckID within 2-3 weeks of turning in your application, assuming all necessary paperwork is completed and returned in a timely manner.

Every student, faculty and staff of The Ohio State University are given a BuckID automatically. Usage among students usually runs about 75% of the total enrollment (total enrollment is approximately 60,000).

The standard reimbursement schedule is monthly, but there are also weekly and twice-monthly options available for slightly higher processing fees.

Part of the legal agreement for accepting BuckID is to not charge a fee above the cost of the merchandise for customers paying with BuckID.

BuckID is The Ohio State University's debit card program that began as a discretionary spending program for the convenience of students, faculty and staff. Under the program, anyone with a BuckID is able to purchase goods and services at participating locations using their BuckID card.

The BuckID program has many benefits for merchants - the most obvious of which is increased sales to OSU students, employees and guests.

You can find more information on the program here.

All merchants accepting BuckID are listed on our web site and in the OSU mobile app with their address, telephone number and web site (if applicable). Any merchant that signs up for our Merchant of the Month program is also highlighted on our website, Office of Student Life social media accounts, and digital signage across campus.

We can also provide the following upon request:

  • Window/Door Stickers
  • Posters
  • Exterior Signage
  • Register Stickers
  • Distribution of your sales/coupon flyers in our office

Typically, merchants process their own BuckID refunds through the BuckID terminal. If you cannot process your own refunds, you should contact the BuckID Office at to assist with processing a refund to the customer.

Our 24-hour support center can open a BuckID support ticket for you. You can reach the support center at 614-292-4357.

If the picture on the BuckID does not match the customer presenting the card, do not process the transaction. BuckID cards are non-transferable.