Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience


Welcome Future Buckeyes!

We are excited for you to join us! Please review the below information for step by step instructions on getting your BuckID

We are now accepting submissions from the following groups:
  • 2023 New International Students
  • 2023 Transfer Students
  • 2023 Orientation Students
  • Ohio State Online Students
  • OSU Mansfield, OSU Marion, and OSU Newark Students
  • Online Graduate Nursing Students
  • Online Business Graduate Students in specific programs

This information is designed to help you navigate the steps of our online photo submission process. Please make sure to read each step before getting started.

Students that already have a BuckID from any Ohio State campus or program do not need to complete this process. Any student with an existing BuckID just needs to bring their BuckID with them when they return to campus!

STEP 1: Take Your Photo

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Have someone take a passport style photo of you in front of a light, solid color background.

ID Photo Icon

When taking your photo, remember:

  • The photo should be taken in front of a plain white or light-colored wall - using photo editing software to remove the background is not acceptable
  • The photo should only contain your face, from below your shoulders to just above the top of your head
  • Face the camera directly with your full face in view
  • The photo must be clear and of good quality (i.e. not blurry or pixelated)
  • No hats, headbands or sunglasses
  • Head coverings are allowed only if worn for religious purposes
  • Eyeglasses should be worn if normally used

STOP: Take your photo following the above instructions before continuing!

STEPS 2 - 4: Upload Your Photo

Checkmark IconLogin to MyPhoto and follow the on-screen prompts

Checkmark IconSelect the appropriate program type

  • Students will select based on instructions from BuckID, their campus or their department (Ohio State Online, Nursing Online Graduate students, Fisher WPMBA, etc.)

Checkmark IconUpload and edit your photo - you will be able to make minor cropping and rotation adjustments, and preview your photo, before you complete the submission

STEPS 5 - 7: Upload a Government ID

Checkmark IconA Driver License, State ID or Passport are valid

ID Card Icon
  • The ID must be completely legible and include a photo
  • MyPhoto steps 6 and 7 will allow you to adjust, crop and preview your Government ID prior to submission

NOTE: Your ID is stored encrypted and is securely deleted once your photo and personal information have been verified. We do not keep your ID on file.

STEPS 8: Sign Your Name in the Signature Block

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STEP 9: Finalize Your Submission

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BuckID will review your submission within 14 days, and you will receive a notification of the status of your submission via email.

When and how will I get my BuckID?

Students that are scheduled to take classes 100% online will be able to access a digital BuckID through the Ohio State app on Apple or Android mobile devices, and will not be issued a physical BuckID at this time.

Students completing orientation on the Columbus campus this summer will pick up their BuckID during their orientation session.

Students that do not attend an in-person orientation can schedule an appointment to pickup their BuckID from the BuckID office on their primary campus once they arrive to campus.

Regional campus students will pick up their BuckID at the regional BuckID office at their primary campus of enrollment. You may receive additional information about the pickup process from your primary campus.


If you have your photo ready as described in Step 1, access MyPhoto below: