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Manage Your BuckID : Lost or Stolen Cards

If your BuckID has been lost or stolen, you should suspend the card immediately. You can suspend your BuckID via any of the following methods:

  • Go to Manage Your Account and log in to deactivate your card (preferred method)
  • Call 614-292-0400 (BuckID Card Office hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
  • Call 614-292-5700 (24-Hour Student Life Support Desk)

If you suspend your BuckID via the web, you will receive an email instructing you how to reinstate it yourself if you locate it before having it replaced.

If you suspend your BuckID card over the phone through the 24-Hour Student Life Support Desk or the BuckID Office and locate your BuckID, you will need to bring it to the BuckID Office to be reactivated.

If you suspect that your BuckID has been used fraudulently, check your transaction history using Manage Account.

If there are transactions that have occurred against your account that you did not incur, contact the Ohio State police department immediately to file a police report.

If you do not find your BuckID, bring a government issued photo ID and the $20.00 replacement fee (cash, credit or BuckID) to the BuckID Office to receive a replacement.


How to order through GrubHub when your card is lost or stolen

Please note: your card should be marked lost/stolen unless you are actively placing an order in GrubHub. Reporting your card as lost/stolen can we done online. This prevents anyone else from using your card if they find it.

To order:

  • Temporarily reactivate your card through the BuckID website using the link above. This should be done immediately before placing an order in GrubHub
  • The reactivation process is instant, so that you can open GrubHub and place an order as soon as you click “Activate”
  • If your BuckID isn’t showing up or working, try removing it from your payment method in the GrubHub app and then re-adding it
  • Once you’ve placed your order and it’s confirmed, immediately mark the card as lost again using the link above