Office of Student Life

Caring for Your BuckID

September 11, 2023

Below are some tips to ensure your BuckID remains in working order:

  • Do not store your BuckID on the back of your phone, especially if you use wireless charging or magnetic phone holders as these accessories can cause the internal chip in newer tap BuckIDs to burst and no longer function or corrupt the data on the cards magnetic stripe.
  • Do not expose your BuckID to strong magnets, including research or medical equipment that utilizes strong magnets.
  • Do not keep your BuckID on a lanyard or key chain with keys or other sharp objects that can scatch the magnetic stripe.
  • Do not punch a hole in your BuckID - espeically if it is tap card. Tap cards have an internal antenna around the perimiter of the card, and if you punch through that antenna the tap feature will no longer work.

Remember that a fee will be assessed to replace any tap BuckIDs that are damaged due to user error or failure to properly care for the card. If you want a protective sleeve to keep your BuckID in, they can be obtained from our office in Suite 3040 of the Ohio Union.