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Information For Merchants : The BuckID Advantage

Increased Sales. The most obvious benefit of accepting BuckID is an immediate increase in sales. The potential sales increase is closely linked to proximity to campus as well as being part of an overall marketing campaign that focuses on your store reaching Ohio State students.

Higher Check Averages. Businesses report not only increased sales, but increased check averages. Students spend more per transaction when they are using their BuckID than with other forms of payment.

Less Cash Handling. BuckID merchants not only benefit from total sales increases but they also recognize a decrease in the amount of cash they handle. With fewer cash transactions, merchants benefit from a decrease in employee theft and human error.

Competitive Edge. Participating merchants gain an edge over their competitors by accepting BuckID. BuckID merchants have higher recognition levels among students and staff.

Integrity. Being a BuckID merchant means being a Buckeye. Students and parents alike will immediately recognize your business as being associated with the excellence, integrity, spirit and tradition of one of the nation's most respected educational institutions.

Daily Sales Report. The Verifone readers can print out reconciliation reports on-demand. For no additional cost, BuckID also offers merchants the benefit of a daily sales report, emailed each morning.

Marketing Opportunity. While other companies are paying thousands of dollars to market to college students, BuckID provides a low cost alternative to reach Ohio State students.