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Information For Merchants : BuckID Believers

See what participating merchants and students have to say about the program.

Dena has been the store supervisor for the CVS at Lane and High St for the last 7 years and has enjoyed being a part of the BuckID program. "It has definitely brought more customers into the store and has increased sales," she comments. She loves that it is fast, convenient and easy. "It brings students who need school supplies, and helps with sales in our other departments," she continues, "and having a picture of the student helps with identity theft and provides protection for the students as well!" Another employee, Lynette, loves when students use their BuckID because it saves her time. "It isn't a $50 bill that I have to mark to make sure it's real, and it's not a credit card that won't go through!"
Louie Makkas, owner, has been operating his Greek restaurant since 1980. One of the first participating merchants in the program, Apollo's has accepted BuckID since its inception. While he feels that the BuckID program has increased sales, he states that, more importantly, it has enabled him to cut losses on bounced checks by up to $800 per year. "It's a great program," Louie says. "It is especially convenient for businesses that handle large amounts of cash."
Ohio State University Student, Jenny Mutcher, Senior
"There are so many benefits to using your BuckID," says Jenny, a senior Marketing student from Defiance. "As busy college students, we have enough to worry about, why worry about overdraft fees and carrying a bunch of different credit cards around?" Jenny never has to worry about how much she might have left, as the debit program stops her from spending what she doesn't have. "I use my BuckID in more ways than I realize, from taking the bus everyday, to going to the gym, getting tickets for a show," she says. "I also never have to worry about identity theft because it is my face on that card, and my parents find it so much easier to load my BuckID online and not worry!"