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Use of Preferred Name on BuckID

What is a preferred name?
It is the name that you are called in day to day life. While anyone is welcome to use a preferred name, this option has been developed to respond to the needs of those who prefer to use a middle name or nickname, our transgender students and employees, and some of our international students.

How do I make the change?
Students and employees can make the change themselves via self-service in the My OSU Identity Information section. There is no documentation or permission required. Changing it is as easy as changing an address or phone number. If no preferred name is selected, the legal name is the default.

Where will my preferred name be used?
The preferred name will show up on class rosters, for advisors and Canvas (formerly Carmen): basically any day-to-day record. It will not show up on diplomas, transcripts or enrollment or degree verifications. 

Can I use my preferred name on my BuckID?
Yes. Simply tell the BuckID customer service representative that you want to use your preferred name on your BuckID.  

Can I use my preferred name on my BuckID if I haven’t registered it through
No. You must first designate your preferred name through before you can change your BuckID.

Can I use a different preferred name on my BuckID than one designated through
No. The preferred name must be identical in both places.

Is there a cost if I want to exchange my current BuckID for one with my preferred name?
No. As long as you bring in your current BuckID, replacement is free. Multiple preferred name changes may result in charges.  

What about regional campuses?
Preferred name is an option on your BuckID no matter which campus produces your card.

Is the preferred name option available for staff and faculty BuckIDs?
Yes, employees should follow the same instructions listed above.

Can my BuckID with my preferred name be used as proof of identity?
Not in all circumstances. In some places, especially off-campus, an ID with your legal name, such as a driver’s license, may be required.