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How can my spouse or partner get a Dependent Card?

Students who have purchased a spouse/partner football ticket must present a dependent card when they pick up their football tickets at the Athletic Ticket Office. The spouse/partner of the student need not be present at time of pick-up as long as the student picking up the tickets has their BuckID and their spouse/partner's BuckID.

If the spouse/partner of the student is also a current OSU student or current OSU faculty/staff member, they will not be able to get a dependent BuckID since they already are eligible for a regular BuckID. Therefore, in this circumstance the student must show his/her BuckID and the spouse/partner's BuckID along with a marriage certificate or notarized partnership affidavit at the Athletic Ticket Office at the time of ticket pick-up.

To obtain a student spouse/partner Dependent Card the spouse/partner of the student will need to go to the BuckID Office with a valid photo ID and the BuckID of the student. BuckID will need a form of verification of marriage or partnership; a marriage certificate for a spouse, or a signed and notarized partnership affidavit for a partner (we accept either original documents with a raised seal or notarized copies). The Dependent Card costs $5. Dependent cards are only made at the Columbus BuckID Office.

Students whose verification of marriage/partnership is in any language other than English will need to bring that document (original document only) and a translated and notarized version to the BuckID Office prior to the dependent card being issued.

The Partnership Affidavit is available online. The Affidavit must be notarized for BuckID to accept it. Return the completed Affidavit to the BuckID Office in the Ohio Union. BuckID does not have a notary in our office, but notaries are available at several locations close to the BuckID Office.

Please note that current students may have documents notarized by the Student Legal Aid Office.  To schedule an appointment with the Student Legal Aid Office they may be contacted at (614)247-5853 or online at

Affidavit of Same-Sex Domestic Partnership

Note (all cardholders) - Our requirements for primary and secondary ID documents match those of the State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. These requirements are available online at Ohio BMV's web site.