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BuckID Move-In Information

Your BuckID is an important part of the move in process, so make sure you bring it to campus with you!

If you have not receieved your BuckID prior to move-in, or have lost it, below are the key things you need to know:

  • If you are moving in Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5PM, you should schedule an appointment to come to our office in the Ohio Union to receive your BuckID before going to your residence hall. You can schedule your appoinment up to 10 days in advance of your arrival
  • If you are arriving on the weekend or after business hours, your residence hall front desk will issue you a temporary BuckID to use until you can obtain your BuckID. You should schedule your appointment for the first business day after your arrival

If you are unable to secure an appointment during your arrival window, we will also accept walk-ins between 8AM and 5PM Monday through Friday during move-in.

PLEASE NOTE: Walk-ins will need to wait in a standby line behind those with guaranteed appointments, and may need to wait over half an hour to receieve their BuckID. Scheduling your appointment in advance will provide a much quicker visit to our office.


Solutions to Common Issues During Move-In

My BuckID is not working to enter my building

  • Building access is added automatically within 15 minutes of checking in. If it has been over 15 minutes, return to the front desk and ask them to double-check that you have been fully checked-in

My BuckID is not working to enter my room

  • Room access is manually added to your card by your residence hall front desk. Return to the front desk so that they can check your card and re-encode it if needed

My BuckID stopped working on my building after my room access was added

  • If building access was working previously or you have confirmed with the front desk that you were checked in over 15 minutes ago, then the information on your card may have been damaged when your room access was added. You will need to bring the card to the BuckID office to have it tested and repaired

The Temporary BuckID I was issued is not working

  • Return to your front desk for assistance

My BuckID is not working for COTA

  • Student access to COTA bus routes begins on the first day of classes. Access is not in place during breaks and between semesters